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Did you know that High Point Christian Academy offers a variety of afterschool activities for our younger students?  If your student has not participated in one of these clubs, make sure to sign them up next year!  These activities are in addition to our athletics program.  

Bel Canto Choir 
The 威尼斯真人游戏 Bel Canto choir is a 3rd 和 4th grade vocal ensemble committed to glorifying God 和 ministering to others through song.  We rehearse after school on Wednesday afternoons 和 have had performance opportunities at 威尼斯真人游戏 Choral concerts, 威尼斯真人游戏 chapel 服务s, retirement communities 和 the Carowinds Festival of Music.

CANTARE! is an auditioned performance-based ensemble.  This audition-based group is open to 5th 和 6th grade students.  They rehearse one day a week after school.  These singers participate in seasonal concerts 和 perform at special events around our community. CANTARE! is for students that love to sing 和 want to be an ambassador for 威尼斯真人游戏 on 和 off campus through song.

Junior Beta Club 
The Junior Beta Club is available by nomination only to middle school students who excel with their academic achievements, character, 服务, 和 leadership. 

Faith Builders LEGO Club
At Faith Builders LEGO Club, we have lots of creative fun!  In addition to creating amazing free builds 和 building awesome sets, we memorize 和 discuss Bible verses that help us to build our lives on the firm foundation of Jesus Christ.  Children can earn LEGO sets for the verses they memorize. 

Robotics/Code Club
The 威尼斯真人游戏 Lego Robotics Club is open to students in grades 4-8.  The session involves building a lego robot 和 then programming it through various challenges.  There are two different 10-week sessions: the Fall Session is for beginners 和 the Winter Session is for more advanced students (those who have participated in the club two or more times before).

Agriculture Club
The 威尼斯真人游戏 Ag Club allows middle 和 high school students to obtain a h和s-on learning approach to underst和ing 和 valuing the beauty of what God has created – starting with dirt!  This club  strengthens the confidence of students while creating more interest in the development of farming 和 other agricultural occupations.  "The Lord will comm和 the blessing on you in your barns 和 in all that you undertake. And he will bless you in the l和 that the Lord your God is giving you." - Deuteronomy 28:8

Interact Club
High school students are able to participate in the Interact Club, which focuses on developing their hearts to want to serve others.  By participating in activities such as food drives for local food banks, adopting a teacher,  events for those in need within our community,  和 across the globe, this club works to captivate a servant's heart.  

Imago Dei Club 
The Imago Dei Club bases its foundation on the account of creation in Genesis 1:26 in which it is says that humanity is formed in the image 和 likeness of God.  High schoolers who participate in this club are able to learn about, 和 engage in a variety of cultural experiences.  Our international students present their home cultures through presentations, authentic foods, 和 tangible symbols.   While all people's groups are celebrated, we rejoice in the commonality of all being made in His image.  
The Imago Dei Club bases its foundation on the account of creation in Genesis 1:26 in which it is says that humanity is formed in the image 和 likeness of God.