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Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Program grows, strengthens, and refines our students in the areas of band, choir, art, and more! They have been heard, seen and showcased throughout the community and region.   The Fine Arts department at is blessed to have a broad range of artistic offerings for our students, all led by caring and qualified teachers.  All activities in Fine Arts encourage creative expression through God’s perspective.  We offer comprehensive and award-winning arts programs that span from elementary school to high school.

In the elementary program, students work in the areas of art and music during the school day. At this level of instruction, young artists learn the basics of each discipline and of performing music. Students also have the opportunity to show their artwork throughout the year and perform in two large musicals. Private lessons are available on campus in piano, voice, violin, cello, guitar, ukelele, and early childhood music classes.

In middle school students in sixth grade participate in a Fine Arts Wheel where they take 12 weeks of art, 12 weeks of band, and 12 weeks of chorus.  This innovative set-up provides students with the opportunity to experience a variety of artistic talents.  When students enter seventh grade, they are well informed as to which area they would like to participate in. With more knowledge and performing skills, these students have more opportunities to show their work and perform throughout the year at concerts, festivals and shows.

High school students who participate in fine arts classes may work in the areas of visual art, photography, band, choir, and drama. As students progress in their high school career, they will be increasingly challenged with a broader and deeper understanding of their individual discipline. A wide variety of opportunities are available for students, including community and school art shows, music festivals, competitions, concerts, community performances, play productions, and ministry opportunities in all areas. Upon graduation, those individuals who wish to continue their studies in college will be well-prepared to do so.